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SEO services in Ho Chi Minh City are performed by many famous media companies. Viet SEO is one of the top quality media companies in SEO HCM. We have over 10 years of experience, a highly qualified SEO team.

Using our SEO services in Ho Chi Minh City will help you increase your advertising campaigns and earn high profits. Large amount of website interaction, high conversion of shopping action and high ranking of Google. Let Viet SEO help you create success in your online marketing world.

Why is HCMC SEO service thriving?

SEO services in Ho Chi Minh City have the strongest development in the country. Ho Chi Minh City is the largest city and the most developed area in Vietnam. All potentials are stronger than other provinces. Including high purchasing power and service utilization.

The working environment is dynamic, integrated with the world, so SEO services or any profession in Ho Chi Minh City thrive. Here are the reasons why the SEO industry thrives in Ho Chi Minh City than other provinces. Here are the reasons SEO in Ho Chi Minh thrives:

1. Convert customer shopping action

SEO is the most perfect form of internet search engine optimization. Today's users have a habit of finding out information online to buy and compare between many brands and stores. Then proceed to choose to buy products and use certain services. To increase the likelihood of converting from a website visit to a shopping action, SEO services must be performed.

2. In line with the actual needs in Ho Chi Minh City

Viet SEO's Ho Chi Minh City SEO services help you find the best value for your online purchase. Especially when the epidemic outbreak is strong like today, reaching online buyers is the best way to sell online. Almost all of your customers are ordering online at this particular time. Only web optimization, mobile-friendly, competitive keyword research... can increase sales. To do this you will need an SEO team in Ho Chi Minh City.

3. Fair competition with opponents

Your competitors are also looking for a team of SEO experts to analyze the results of their SEO strategy. If you don't do this activity, then your 50% chance of success has passed to your opponent.

4. Increase ranking on google

Increasing Google rankings is one of the best tactics to reach customers. The Google Top 10 will always get more appreciation and attention. Users are rarely patient enough to find the following pages of Google.

5. More traffic

When the visibility is high, the top of the rankings will increase the number of visits. The higher the number of visits, the greater the chance of converting the customer to action.

6. More lead customers

SEO services will do keyword research, target audience research and potential markets. We will help you bring in more potential customers in the future. This is the number of customers who are most interested in your products and services. Using SEO services in Ho Chi Minh City in Viet SEO will help you develop the perfect business.

7. More revenue

Potential customers are major shopping partners. In the long run, they will also become loyal customers with your services. This will certainly help your business increase more revenue.

8. Raise brand awareness

Your brand is always at the top of Google, appearing a lot on social networking sites. This will help customers remember your brand better and perceive your brand better.
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9. More efficient business

The number of visitors that can convert daily actions. Maybe they will leave customer information, email to receive advice. Especially high brand awareness. The wider the spread of the brand, the more business growth is only a matter of sooner or later.

10. Avoid poor quality SEO methods

Especially with SEO services in Ho Chi Minh City from a professional SEO team, you will avoid bad SEO methods. Your website will have access to the latest SEO techniques to optimize, friendly with more than 200 Google algorithms. These are the ways for google to appreciate your website.
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What will a standard SEO package include?

Depending on each cheap SEO service with different prices, there will be standards for articles, keywords, and DA index corresponding to that price. For example, a high-end SEO service package in Ho Chi Minh City will include services such as:

1. Keyword research

SEO team will research keywords based on software or services from Google. About 40-50 keywords are compiled from many valuable information sources. Including competitor analysis to select competitive keywords and translate into articles.

2. Quality article content

SEO Services HCMC will provide high quality article services. Such as reports, blog posts... The article is not only responsive in terms of word count, but also in quality to ensure it gets friendly from Google.

3. Guaranteed score DA

SEO services also always ensure the DA index through powerful articles with a length of over 1k words. The Power Posts (2k words) are also researched for SEO optimization to bring the highest SEO efficiency. During this process, the SEO team will optimize the page, link links ... to bring you the highest DA score.

4. Responsible for image quality, embed video

Infographics, edit images to promote brands, create exclusive images. Embedding quality video into the web is also done. When a website is full of these factors, it will definitely increase rankings, increase DA points and have large visits.

5. Good link building

Internal links, natural links to external web, links to famous bloggers, backlinks... will be built. Bad links will be searched and removed.

Especially meta tags, keyword optimization, landing pages, page speed optimization and call to action buttons are also focused on.

Create high-quality text for the main body. Creating mobile-friendly when accessing from smartphones is also fully implemented by the SEO team.

6. Social Media Assurance

Create Instagram, Facebook & Twitter pages, this social media post is also developed. Google Analytics settings to track web activity and site administration are also extended. You will need a professional team for these jobs.

7. Create Google places

Phone users to access the web will often look through the address and click google directions to find the place. Standard SEO packages will help you do this well.

In addition, Ho Chi Minh City SEO service also helps you report weekly results, Google Analytics reports, monthly progress and always have staff to support customers 24/7.

SEO service in Saigon Vietnam

SEO services in TPHCM City of Viet SEO

SEO services of Viet SEO provide customers with the most professional services. We always ensure the perfect SEO process, fully research the issues that your website is struggling to improve comprehensively.

1. Website Quality Check

Viet SEO will study the website to detect problems on your website, synthesize information and fix all those problems. Such as:

2. High-competition keyword research

Navigate to highly competitive keywords from trusted databases. The most searched keywords, competitor's keyword usage will be researched specifically. Keywords are also converted into valuable articles. Keyword difficulty, related keyword phrases, power articles will be implemented to optimize web SEO.

3. Dive into competitor web strategies

Viet SEO's Ho Chi Minh City SEO service will also drill down into any competitor data other than keywords. Such as:
Then run analysis, link, go backlinks to achieve results that compete or exceed what your competitors have achieved.

4. Follow the web leaderboard

During the SEO process, we are always responsible for monitoring web rankings and constantly changing campaigns to ensure your website is always competitive with competitors and reaches the highest level of friendliness with google.

5. Help customers access many new features

Mobile-friendly, web code, mobile web app code, web design, domain name purchase... All issues related to HCMC SEO services are fully supported by Viet SEO with the best price.

6. Community management and branding

Brand story, spreading the brand will also be focused by Viet SEO for you. If you want to learn about SEO services in Ho Chi Minh City, please contact us!

The process of implementing SEO services in Ho Chi Minh City of Viet SEO

SEO is a long journey with no end. Every website has to be upgraded according to the changes of the Google algorithm. Viet SEO will accompany your online marketing competition with a professional workflow.

1. Receive information from customers

Viet SEO will receive website information that requires SEO from customers.

2. SEO analysis and planning

3. Warranty SEO services HCMC in Viet SEO

Reporting, evaluation and ongoing maintenance for SEO services at Viet SEO. Any new SEO techniques, new features will be best supported for our customers.

Viet SEO provides overall SEO services, SEO Entity Backlink Social services help increase website TRUST effectively, which will help your business increase revenue more effectively.
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