Why do you need Saigon SEO services?

As the trend of Online Marketing develops in the digital age 4.0, SEO Services become important and essential for every business.

1. Keeping up with market trends

Actively adapting, increasing website rankings on Google, thereby increasing competitive strengths and successfully dominating the market.

2. Increase brand awareness

An effective SEO strategy helps customers easily find you when the query is related, effective promotion and brand coverage.

3. Optimizing costs for businesses

Professional SEO services help you optimize many costs. Effective top 1 google SEO website selling goods everywhere.

4. Attract more new customers

Promote SEO services to help businesses increase visibility on Google, reach "huge" customers and attract them to the website.

5. Generate sales conversions

Marketing solutions to drive business and increase sales sustainably. Stop deploying but the website still keeps the stable top of Google.

Popular website SEO services

Website SEO services include 2 main types that SEO companies often deploy for customers today: keyword SEO services and overall SEO services. Each form improves a different aspect to optimize your website for search engine sets.

1. Keyword SEO Services

Keyword SEO service is a method that focuses mainly on a number of key keywords (sets) requested by customers, in order to improve rankings on Google search engines and user traffic. As soon as customers search for related keywords, your products or services will be displayed on the top.

2. Overall SEO Services

Overall SEO service, also known as total SEO service, is a "comprehensive" method of optimizing websites from Onpage to Offpage. The goal is to optimize the website by topic cluster based on user queries to increase organic traffic index, ROI conversion rate through thousands of keywords ranked Top Google.

3. Other types of SEO services

Besides the popular SEO services, there are still many other professional SEO services in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City that are provided to meet the needs and business types of each customer.

4. Google Maps SEO Services

Google Maps SEO service or Local SEO service is an SEO method combined with Google My Business to help put your company and business location on Google Maps and be suggested to rank high in search results when users make Show related queries.

5. Youtube SEO Services

Statistics from Google Ads, more than 70% of viewers have purchased from a certain brand after viewing content on Youtube. Youtube SEO service will help your Youtube channel be suggested to rank high in the top videos when users perform a search on Google.

6. Fanpage SEO service

Unlike running Fanpage ads, Fanpage SEO service is a way for more users to reach your fanpage on Google's search algorithm, not just Facebook users.

7. SEO Services Shopee

Shopee SEO service is a way for your product store to be suggested in the top rankings in the search algorithm of Shopee and Google when users make a purchase by typing in the product name. you do business.

8. Image SEO Services

Image SEO service is a form of bringing Website images to the top of image search on Google, thereby attracting users to visit the website, increasing traffic and creating good conversions in terms of sales.

Website SEO process in Viet SEO

Detailed project implementation process that SEO experts at Viet SEO. Apply to help businesses attract more potential customers and increase outstanding sales. Step 01: Market analysis

“Knowing the people who know you, a hundred battles a hundred wins”, in order to get ahead of the competition, we must first understand the customer's competitors, the direction they are going, the advantages and disadvantages of their SEO roadmap, ... Analyze the market, user behavior to see the needs of customers, what they are looking for, often interested and less interested in what. From there, deploy strategies to hit the right tastes of customers.

Step 02: Build a set of keywords and re-evaluate the website

Using Google's keyword analysis tools, system and grouping of industry keywords, main - secondary keywords, short - long keywords, related or near related keywords. Review and re-analyze the content on the website, whether the direction the website is implementing is reasonable, what errors or problems the website is encountering, and offer solutions.

Step 03: Onpage and Offpage SEO optimization

Optimizing website structure, including issues related to: code, hosting, sitemap, ... . Check and re-screen the system of backlinks pointing to the website. Support removing, or rejecting bad links with Google. Rebuild the quality backlink system from many different sources (both domestic and foreign) to increase the power and rank of the website according to the plan.

Step 04: Building an image and promoting the website on the social media platform

Build content - professional images for the website. Then, proceed to promote the website on social media platforms. Helps increase the popularity of the business's brand, the number of users accessing the website and creating more potential customers from social networks.

Step 05: Monitor and maintain keyword rankings

Monitor SEO results and rankings every day, offer implementation plans according to the progress, quickly grasp the changes and tastes of the market. From there, devise timely, adaptive and stable strategies.

Saigon SEO services

The reason you should choose Viet SEO company

Viet SEO has more than 10 years of experience in the field of SEO in particular and Digital Marketing in general. We own a team of professional SEO experts, have successfully implemented many projects for customers
White hat SEO service, do not use tools to push traffic. Go manual and selective backlinks, say no to spam, don't use tools to shoot virtual backlinks.

The safe SEO process helps the website achieve sustainable rankings. Even after the end of the SEO contract, the website can still maintain stability and long-term effectiveness.
This is also the difference of Vietnamese SEO that most SEO service companies today do not have!

Price list of SEO services

Viet SEO develops many reputable SEO service packages with different prices, meeting the needs and budgets for all businesses from small to large.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I use SEO services?

The internet has become an essential part of society today, with nearly 80% of users searching for products or services online. If your business ranks on the first page of Google, customers will be more likely to trust you and buy your product or service. At Viet SEO, we help you achieve top rankings on search engines for your targeted keywords.

What is included in an SEO package?

It totally depends on your current site state as well as the keywords you are trying to rank for. Depending on the level of SEO your site needs to rank on top of search engine results, we'll create a custom package for you. We are a trusted digital marketing company that you can expect complete transparency on our part.

How long does it take my site to rank on top?

It's hard to comment without checking your site, we have to do a deep check of your site and analyze your competitors. With some industries being so competitive it can take longer than others. Consistency, however, is the key to climbing any mountain. For some positive results, you should wait a minimum of 6 months to 1 year.

We run a local business, can you help me with SEO?

Sure. We specialize in local SEO and have helped many local businesses achieve top rankings on local search engines. Please contact us to discuss your local SEO needs in detail.

What is the difference between SEO packages in Viet SEO?

There is a significant difference between the three types of SEO packages in terms of: keyword difficulty, market competition, number of keywords to top, commitment to KPIs, etc. And the intervention of a team of experts in your SEO project about: Analytic, Data Studio, Responsive, Speed Insight, Schema,

How to know your SEO campaign is progressing well?

Viet SEO always sends monthly ranking reports for all the keywords that we are working on. In addition, we also provide daily / weekly / monthly reports on the traffic and top most interesting articles on the client's website in detail. That way, you can see how your traffic sources and conversions are improving on your website.
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